Friday, July 25, 2008

Camping with the Magleby's

My family owns about 40 acres of mountain property on Monroe Mt. (fishlake national parks) or affectionately known as "Magleby Mountain". This property happens to have a lake which is stocked (packed) with some of the largest rainbow trout around so as you can guess all the kids have an absolute blast fishing there each summer. It is all catch and release unless you want to have a little fish fry. There is so much to do up there and my kids just love to be with their grandma and their grandpa (The greatest fisherman I know!) and all of their cousins.

I, however, really detest not being able to bathe my kids after they have been in the dirt all day ;and swatting at flies and bugs non-stop!! I am very paranoid about my little ones getting too close to the fire or too close to the lake. As they get older it gets easier and I hope one day I can go up there and really RELAX. But I love being with my family, they are the best, we have so much fun and I really love them!  

My awesome brother Jared, he would do anything for anyone

Sweet catch Guys!

A stop for lunch at MOM's cafe in Salina

Grandpa Dale, we think he's pretty special!
Some of the group

getting ready to release 2,000 baby trout
Micah and Josh gettin' their horseshoes on!