Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hey can your kid play Mary had a little lamb using just their armpits? Well, mine can! And just when I thought I couldn't be more proud he blew my mind by proceeding to play it using the backs of his knees!....I know, he's the coolest.  Love ya Alex :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So grateful!

I don't know why but today I am just feeling extra grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life and I just want them to know. I am so happy that my kids have both of their grandparents who live so close to them and who get to be such an active part of their lives. I didn't have that growing up. As much as I loved my grandparents they just were not around for special times in my life and I remind my children constantly of how lucky they are. And to have so many siblings and in-laws who I love so much and I adore each one for all of their unique qualities....

But today I just want to feature my immediate siblings (No offense to all my wonderful, wonderful in-laws, your time is next)

*Heidi-My sister and hero! I love you so much! You have been my savior so many times in my life and taught me more life lessons than I think you could ever imagine I survived a few heartbreaks only because I had an older, wiser, compassionate sister to cry to! She taught me everything I know about being a mom because she was the greatest example to watch. I love that you lived so close to us growing up, I don't think I would have survived without you! I could write pages and one day I will :)  

*Todd-My oldest brother and the coolest dentist I know! I have always tried to pattern my life after yours. Always so patient and put together but so fun at the same time. I always hoped I would marry someone half as great as you (How'd I do?). I admire your family so much, you are such a great husband and father to your brood and they are so lucky to have you!  

*Cory-My brother and the smartest person ever! I only survived math in college because he was there to tutor me with more patience than anyone should have to muster with me as a pupil! Cory has a very Christ-like nature that I have always admired. I love how hands on you are with your boys and how dedicated you are to Tiffany's comfort and happiness. You exude peace and I love that when I am around you.

*Jared-My older brother by 11 1/2 months! My protector since we were toddlers. He used to watch over  me when we were in the orphanage and even after we were adopted. My heart always breaks to imagine the pain he must have felt at such a tender age trying to watch over his two young siblings and probably not understanding why we were alone or what ever happened to our mother. I know he went through hard times for a while in his young adult years but I'd like to see anyone go through his experiences and NOT come out feeling a little bit lost. He used to carry me over mud puddles when I was little and when I got older he made sure I had everything I could possibly need or want even if it cost him his whole paycheck. I am so proud of you Jared and your beautiful family, your testimony and your sense of humor which mirrors mine to the T. We have a bond for sure and I love you so much brother! 

*Micah-My baby brother! Such a cutie, I used to resent him because everywhere we went everyone would gush over his long lashes and cute smile. My brother has always been able to smile away a bad situation. I love him for that! When he left on his mission I was so sad it was like he had died. I just needed his comforting nature and positive attitude around me. I loved the time we spent together before he left because we were able to be such good friends. I love kidding around with him and teasing "Jo" :). I love you baby brother!

Okay now that I am bawling I can't help but feel so  lucky for my fantastic family and I hope and pray everyday that my kids can grow up to be strengths to each other the way that my brothers and sister are to me.