Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall fun :)

Fall has been fun so far and I love that all the holiday activities of the next couple of months are under way. And I admit, it is nice to wear hoodies, jeans and my Uggs again, but after Christmas I turn back into a winter Scrooge!! So, first up we had to visit the witches at Gardner village....

My beautiful girls xoxoxox!
And then an afternoon at the pumpkin patch.....
..on the hunt...Teagan picked about 12. As he would add it to the wheel barrow we would take it back out and leave it. He didn't seem to notice..
Some of my handsome men :)))

My Favorite five!

And some pumpkin carving at Grandma Susan's.....The three babies. Aren't they the cutest?? Kai, Ella, and Oliver. Oliver is 6 months older than Kai and Kai is a about 3 weeks older than Ella. Fun times ahead for these three cousins!
Teagan put Josh in charge of designing and painting a Batman pumpkin for him. It turned out pretty cool!
Handsome Alex made a creepy monster out of his.
Madeleine did the cute ghost above.
Silly Maddy and cute Hanna :)
Sadie loves to pose for pics and insisted that I get a shot of her "lighting" The pumpkin. Good thing you're so darn cute :)

Up next, Halloween ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010

He did it!!

Alright, Teagan decided to make me the happiest gal around and figured out this whole potty training thing. We have been trying on and off for a few months but finally after placing toys' r us on the shelves in the garage he decided it was time. I started with a bag of toys from the dollar section at Wal-mart and that proved to be a no-go. Then we placed a Mr. Potato Head set up there and that peaked his interest mildly, then I added some Iron Man action figures which really got him anxious. Finally, Buzz Lightyear showed up and that was the last straw! T-man stepped it up and showed me that maybe it was time to cut the crap (no pun intended) and finally do what we all knew he was capable of doing months ago and, voila! Success! Now Woody has a buddy and all is right in the Universe.
Teagan generously shared his Potato Head with his baby bro.

Halleluiah! another daunting parenting task conquered! Now on with the approaching teenage years that are right around the corner, speaking of crap!!