Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some holiday going-ons....

A visit from "Auntie Clause". Our dear Aunt Rakell dons this adorable little red outfit and showers gifts on her loving great nieces and nephews each year. She exhausts herself I'm sure, but the kids really love it! Thanks Kell' we love ya!All the ladies.

Too fun!!
Ginger bread houses, a MUST at the holidays....Some pretty ladies making some pretty houses. Thanks to Grandma Sue we are never short on icing!

Josh gets them started while Teagan checks out the goodie table and decides what to eat and what to decorate with.

Alex is really into army stuff right now. You'll notice the "dead" ginger bread men that just got taken out by the pretzel bazooka. Hmmmm....should I be concerned???? Such a silly kid!
A dance recital....Sadie danced at the festival of trees as well. She loves to dance!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving in paradise!

Thanks to Grandpa Ron We spent Thanksgiving this year in Maui with Josh's family. It was amazing but, when is Maui not amazing?? We started off at the SLC airport on to San Francisco on to Honolulu on to Maui. It was quite the excursion just getting there and as a result of so many transfers and unpredictable weather and a plane being struck by lightning (crazy right?!?) It took us a bit longer to arrive in Maui than we had hoped. We spent about 7 hours at the San Fran airport because the plane we were supposed to take to Honolulu had been struck by lightening and some lengthy repairs etc. were required. Fine with me! I'd rather get there safely than have the plane fall apart over the ocean!! The kids made the most of their time in the airports that day and it all became something we laughed about and forgot shortly after inhaling that lovely tropical air :)So excited to leave! But how much longer?!?!
A gorgeous rainbow in San Fran. The first of many we would see that week.
Yeah we're here! Let's load up the rentals and get to the beach!!
That's a happy kid right there! Gotta love the ocean!!
A little nap after some quality beach time. I love those sandy little toes!!

The kids competed in a build- a- raft competition put on by the resort we were at.

Discussing how to build the thing.....
and finally putting in the water. Maddy and Jona's team won. Alex was a gracious loser :)
This was a day at Big beach, and it was.

Cuteness kiddies right there!
Josh caught some nice surf :)
Some beautiful ladies :)

Me and my girls :)
Gracie was my little nanny all trip. If I didn't have Kai then you knew Gracie must have him :) I love how much she adores him, he does too!
The view from our balcony.
I love this pic of the girls taking a pic of themselves with Hanna's phone :) classic them!
Thanksgiving Luau feast! Look at the girl below totally grossed out when they brought out the pig hahaha!
Sadie and the girls went up and demonstrated a little hula for us.
The Gazebo!!! A most delicious little eatery that is just a gazebo and they happen to make the most amazing breakfast!
Oh my, my, my!!! banana macadamia pancakes with coconut syrup and a huge mountain of island style fried rice and hash. yum, yum, yum!!!
Just some fun in the water!
Josh and Teagan enjoying the water falls in the pool and some quality hot tub time with Gramps.

A day in Paia. A very cool little town.
We are such a sight when we go on vacation! There are lots of stares at our huge bunch :)

Halloween left-overs!

I forgot to post about my cute SIL's halloween party with all the Magleby's. This is a tradition that we all look forward to. From her famous soup in pumpkin bread-bowls to the pumpkin carving and cake walk; Krista really is the "Hostess with the Mostest" and I didn't want to forget to post about her party! A crowd of Magleby kids. I love this group!! We are missing the two eldest cousins though :( darn growing up and having jobs to be to! (we missed you Tay' and Tan') Cousin Johny in red at the top is an honorary grandkid at these events :))
Wrapping Grandpa up like a mummy. Fun!!
Beautiful cousins and besties! Madeleine is sooooo lucky to have her cousins Sydney (above) and Hanna. She loves them more than she loves Justin Bieber! (me too!)