Friday, April 17, 2009


We went to St.George this year over Easter break and enjoyed the sun, not much warmth, but at least SUN! I was hoping for the hot 80's and we were lucky to flirt with 70 and clear skies. It was so fun and the kids just loved being outdoors without coats.
We went on a fun little "hike" around Pioneer Park. Teagan went nuts climbing and crawling through every rock, cove, narrow we could find, he loved it! and we just crammed in all the outdoor recreation we could biking, swimming, The Dunes (Jenny's VERY Favorite part!), and just hanging out in our favorite place ever, St George.
We dyed Easter eggs and of course the Easter bunny delivered some goodies. We attended the local ward for Sacrament meeting and it was crazy! It was like a stake conference, but so amazing to see so many people, on their vacation, come and partake of the sacrament on such a sacred sabbath day. I love Easter and all that it represents! New life, The Resurrection, Hope.
Anyway we had a great time and I hope Spring and Summer last FOREVER!!!! 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hair cut from H***!!

Teagan absolutely HATES getting his hair cut. So as a result I rarely take him in for one. But this time his hair has been too long and getting too thick to spike or faux hawk, so it was time.  The woman gave him a sucker first, hoping that would distract him but I knew better and I just told her to jump in with both feet and get it over with. It was funny though because he  kept getting hair in his mouth from crying and so he was licking his sleeve to get it off but he had hair all over his sleeve (and sucker now too) that he couldn't escape it! The best was watching him actually try to push the poor woman away from him and grabbing her wrists while she was trimming. ....I just wanted to share his torture with everyone. :) 

In the end he got his balloon and a new sucker and all was well again. I just hope I can make this haircut last about 2 1/2 years :) 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Alex..

I just had to share Alex's April fools joke with ya'll.  Of course we don't really have puppies and the best was listening to him laugh when someone would read it. He thinks he's such a prankster! We love ya dude!