Monday, January 12, 2009

Maddy's blog

Maddy has started a blog and at first I was hesitant to let her do it but then i figured it could be a cute and fun way for her to document/journal her young, sweet life. It is actually pretty funny to hear the things that are in a nine year olds mind. 
Anyway, it is private, of course, for her safety but if anyone would like an invitation to view it just let me know and send me your email address and you will be granted access into this very prestigious blog:)

Friday, January 9, 2009

So sorry....

OK, the last post was from Josh, a huge Utah fan, and I really hope it doesn't offend anyone! I think it's funny cause I am also a Utah fan but we mean no disrespect to all of our BYU fans out there that we happen to love regardless:)


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pool Party anyone?

A few days ago the snow had melted just enough that Sadie could see the blue pool cover in the backyard and I teased her that maybe we could go for a swim. Next thing I know she has her swimsuit on and she is ready to go out there. So I suggested we have a pretend pool party in the family room instead. This is even better because we get to see (and feed) "nice" sharks, and we have "seen" all kinds of sea life. I thought it was clever that she added the blue blanket for the water. We have built enormous sandcastles and learned some fancy dives. I love her imagination. Teagan even got into it. It has become a daily ritual for her. This has been one way for  us to power through the long, cold winter! 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teagans latest ouchie!

Teagan has been sporting three tiny little stitches in-between his eyes this week. He was playing in a precarious spot in the family room and slipped on the small ledge he was standing on and ended up splitting his little skin open. I was down stairs on the treadmill at the time and had music on but I could hear Maddy and Alex screaming like crazy "Teagans hurt!" I get to the top of the stairs to find my baby crying with blood all over his face and Madeleine on the verge of hysterics; she doesn't do well with injuries, especially ones to her siblings. She was in charge of watching Teagan while I worked out so she was feeling all kinds of guilt, poor thing. Anyway I couldn't tell where he was hurt because he was so covered in blood and I was worried that he had broken his nose. I sat down instantly and started cleaning him with a towel so I could see the damage. When I realized it was only a cut I was relieved but I knew it was so deep he would need stitches for sure. 

The funny part was that because I had just been on the treadmill and then had to bolt up the stairs when I heard the screaming I didn't properly slow my heart rate down before sitting on the floor with Teagan so within moments I started to get all light-headed and whoozy so I told Maddy to call her dad to come home right away because I thought I might pass out and we needed to get T in a.s.a.p.  So Maddy calls Josh, still bawling, and all he manages to hear was Teagans hurt, blood everywhere and pass out. Meanwhile I'm on the kitchen floor with my head down trying to blot the cut on Teagans face and yelling at Maddy to calm down, everything is fine!   Of course Josh was so freaked, that he bolted right out of the meeting he was in the middle of and raced home; I can't imagine what he thought was going on:) ...Anyway all was fine and our little guy gets to have some cool stitches. 
Thank goodness that in life there is never a dull moment.