Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We were lucky enough to be in SoCal during their little 80 degree warm up so we hit the beach and just enjoyed being outside while we could. We had two beautiful days in Disneyland but on the third day we had to leave early because of the stupid rain and we have been in that same storm ever since! ...Anyway the kids had a blast as usual. Maddy got up the guts to ride every fast, scary ride at California Adventure and I had fun watching her conquer her fears. She still hates anyone dressed as a character though. Alex finally got to do the Jedi training and defeated Darth Vader, we were so proud :).  They collected cool seashells and starfish from the beach and then left them in the back of the car to stink the whole place up the next morning! Gross!! 
I was able to get my Sprinkles cupcake fix and we all loved the Newport Marriott resort we stayed at.
I just loved being with my family and our good friends the Hairs.