Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Look what I made!

My fabulous next door neighbor Jennifer, who can put Martha Stewart to shame, made this darling Fairy skirt for her daughter to wear to a Fairy party that my other neighbor does each year for all the little girls. She assured me that it was so simple and that I should make one for Sadie to wear to it. I should mention that this was all the night before the party and I was sure I could never do this HUGE feat in such a short amount of time. So she accompanied me and our friend Becky to the fabric store and helped us pick out the few small things required and sure enough she was right, It really was simple to make and it only took 20 min.! They all turned out so darling and I must say I am pretty proud of myself! I will be making one for Maddy as well for Halloween.
Thanks Jen, you're awesome!!

By the way this party is so cute! This sweet mom themes a party at the end of every summer around fairies. The little girls are so enchanted! I don't know how she does it but I am so grateful.
Thanks Angela, You're awesome as well!

High School Musical!

Maddy was in the local community production of HSM. She had a great time! She sang and danced two small parts with about 40 other kids and the main roles were all performed by teenagers of course. I'm glad she had fun but I learned that I am definitely NOT a stage mom! I really have no desire to let her do another one until she is in middle school. It is a real time commitment! Although she does have her eye on the Aladdin production they will be doing next year. We'll see....
Good Job Mads!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

baptism day!

Alex's baptism day finally came and he was so excited to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints. He is such a sweet boy who tries his best to make right choices and to listen for the spirit in his life. He really enjoyed all of his family and the love that he felt from each of them on his special day. We love him so much and are so proud of him and his choice to be baptized. He got to share his special day with his cousin Jonah who was baptized earlier that morning in Alpine. Needless to say, it was a fun and busy day for everyone.
Teagan was the only one who wasn't able to be there for his brother but it landed right at naptime so we figured we were all better off if he stayed home with a sitter (is that awful of me?!). Love you Alex!!