Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One of my good friends from Emery County (where I grew up until the age of 13), Willie, is a test pilot for the U.S. army/airforce. He flies the Apaches, which is just a giant, loaded weopon! And he happens to work in SLC not far from my house. Way back in May he generously invited my family to come and take a tour of the helicopter hangar he works from and to take an up close and personal look at these amazing flying weapons. I am only just now getting to post about it. It was way cool. Alex was in heaven! Alex thinks anything military is pretty cool.
Teagan enjoyed the riding tractor. Whatever bud, just lay low dude and don't. touch. anything!!
He felt pretty stinkin' cool sitting in that seat :)

That is some serious ammo! Willie explaining some of the cool gear to Josh and Alex. Josh felt like a little kid again being so close to something so cool :)We see theses things on a regular basis flying over our house and now we have a whole new appreciation for those "Peace keepers". We also got to see some Blackhawks. My kids will always ask now if I think that's Willie up there. Thanks again friend it was awesome!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Got Milk???

'Cause apparently Teagan thinks that he does......yikes!

Sunday morning was getting crazy, as usual, and I had to leave Kai in his crib while I got the zillion things done that need doing before church. He was crying and sad so T-man went in to comfort and play with him when he realized that he must be hungry. So in his high sing-song voice we hear him say...

"Don't worry Kai, I'll make you a bottle"


And this is what I walked into.

I have to give him props for persistance though. But darn it, that breastpump just wasn't producing that magic milk for him. If only buddy.......then again, definitely not! It looked so funny and then slightly disturbing.
Thanks for trying though. I could always use more help around here :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Powell '10

Powell this year was amazing! I took like 600 pics so it took a while to pick some to post. The weather was perfect in my opinion, not as hot as previous years and a little unsettled at times but with a baby I was grateful for the cooler temps (still hot enough though). We ate ourselves silly and cooled of in the amazing water when it got too hot. There was an amazing lighning storm our last night that lasted for hours, it was amazing to watch! This is my very favorite vacation ever. Enjoy!

Someone LOVES Lake Powell!
This is what our little pit stops looked like...I think we made a total of 10 stops because that cute little baby of mine can only stand being in the car for about an hour and a half at a time before he becomes unglued!
"Denny's Wigwam" with the cousins for a souvernir. A tradition! The boys all picked racoon hats, hahaha!
Killing time in the houseboat with some acrobatics :)
what it's all about!
Just leave me here all day!
Baby boy loved sleeping and swimming and sleeping and swimming. What more do you need at Powell??

Extreme kyaking!

My handsome little devils!

All Alex cared about was catching air. He caught sweet air for the first time and managed to stick it as well. Good job dude!

throwin' out the peace sign--classic Mads :)
Gorgeous!! (sunset is nice too)
Darling girl of mine.

We had the most amazing beach this year! Super soft sand, clean beach and water. It was perfect!
Some father/son playtime :)) and some fishing with gramps! We love Lake Powell!!!