Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas 2010!

We celebrated a few days early with my family and I was able to host the party this year. We enjoyed a delish Turkey dinner (thanks dad!) and everybody helped bring something yummy. I love being with my family (the Magleby's), it's always a good time :))eating and visiting......Josh with my little brother Micah up top with three of my SIL's, Tonya, TIff and Steph.
My three older brothers, Jared, Todd, Cory and my SIL Krista.
Three stinkin' cute cousins! Carly, McCoy and Kai
Three older cousins and silly goofballs! Walker, Tommy and Alex.
Sooo cute!
The two eldest grandkids, Taylor (sorry, he goes by Charles now but he'll always be my tay-tay!) and Tanner. Such handsome men!!
Getting ready "backstage" to put on The Nativity. This is a family tradition and the roles have all been passed onto the grandchildren. Grandpa does the reading as the kids re-enact :)

We do this with musical hymns and other numbers throughout that we all sing to and my sis always plays piano.

My mom provides all the costumes. Good work mom!
And then it was onto the talent show. Sadly I only got one pic of that though because I had to deal with a tantrum from a certain 3 yr. old:( Madeleine played guitar while her and cousin Kyra sang a Taylor Swift song.
My sis and her darling family (except Tommy, where is that kid?)
And now time for the kids' favorite part, PRESENTS!!
Cute wall decor from Aunt Steph and uncle Jared!

And now onto Christmas Eve.......
Josh and I started our own family tradition several years ago of going to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. It is such a big part of our Christmas and the kids look forward to it so much.
Getting ready to order some yummy hot chocolate covered in whipping cream, mmmmmmm...
Nice T-man! He stayed home with grandma for the past two years because he was just too wild!! I think he enjoyed his first experience at Mimi's :))

And then onto Aunt Shirleys Christmas Eve party.....
Playing pass the present game
Alex and cousin Jonah playing with their new toys
These girls are tight as glue :)
this one couldn't wait for Santa to arrive......
We had to put T's gift at the top of the sack because he was getting sooooo antsy!
first present from Santa :)))
Telling the old elf what she hopes he'll bring her.
Alex rattled off his wish list!
Maddy, such a trooper to humor her parents and go sit on Santa's lap!
Grownups are not immune from this Santa ritual.

And then we headed home to leave out the treats for Santa, open some new jammies and share the real Christmas story with the kids and hit the sack!

The calm before the storm....
Hang on, let me get a pic before we rip through those lovely presents!
My favorite little baby :))
Sadie loved her new baby...
T finally got the gift he'd been drooling over for months!
Kai enjoyed his one and only gift (come on he doesn't know what's going on!)
what a mess!

where's Kai???
Maddy had a nice little pile of gifts. Everything she asked for except a cell phone, so sorry my dear but it was a long shot even asking :)
Playing his new games for Wii.
And we spent the rest of the day at Ron and Susan's for the greatest brunch ever, I wish I had taken pics of it, and for some more gift opening and being with cousins. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as we did!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AAAAH!! I'm so behind, but first.....

....I had to do a quick "10 months old" post on my baby. I have a ton of Christmas posts to do still but since it takes so stinkin' long to upload pics onto this blog I have had to put it off over and over. of January ONE this little man has been a walking machine! He just wants to keep up with all the busy bodies in this house and he was pretty persistent about figuring it out. I love his little waddle and I love when he gets so excited and tries to run and then gets caught up in his own feet :) What a cutie he is, good job Kai! We love you!!!!!