Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 3rd T-man!!

Teagan was born May 10th 2007. The first thing I said when I saw T for the first time was "Oh my gosh he's bald......and he's white!" hahaha! I thought I had a mold with my older three. Then I held him and got to see his darling blue eyes (another first in our family) and I thanked Heavenly Father for breaking the mold and sending him to us.
That smile says it all.."I'm sweet but the wheels are turning in my head and you'll regret turning your back on me!" I love him XOXOXOXOX!!!!!
His favorite B-day gift was this toy tool kit. Dad is grateful for it too. Now maybe he'll stay out of dads real tools in the garage!
A good friend of mine works out at airport 2 where he is a test pilot for Apache helicopters. Very cool! That is a post for a later date. Teagan had fun visiting them for his B-day
Then it was McDonalds for dinner! It's all about T today :))
Happy Birthday to you!! Time for cupcakes and presents!
On another note....This little dude has some pretty cool stacking skills. I'm telling you, I can't take my eyes of him for even a second!
Love you Teasy!! What would we ever do without you??? Life would be dull city! :)))
Happy Birthday!