Saturday, October 24, 2009

Labor pains...

Well not for me but for my poor children! Every fall it is time for some serious yard work and we have a lot of large shrubs and plants that need to be trimmed, dug up, and loaded into the trailer for a trip to the dump. It takes a few days to get it all done.
The truth is I am so grateful for the chance the kids get to really labor in the yard like this. We always have fun in the Spring when it is time to plant new things and they all love to help but the Fall clean up seems to spell dread for them. I am always happy that their dad has the patience and ability to make these big work days fun and rewarding for them. That doesn't mean we never hear complaining (Maddy, I'm lookin' at you!).

I remember dreading the looooong Saturdays of yard work as a child but It taught me so much and I can now say that I love getting my hands dirty and smelling the soil. Besides at the end of the day we always went to the 7-11 or Harts convenience store for hot dogs, fountain drinks and my dad would make THE BEST oreo shakes that night.

I know that as they grow they too will come to appreciate the hard work that it takes to enjoy a beautiful yard. Now Josh and Alex are off the the U game and we get to stay home and drink hot chocolate and watch a movie. I mean you have to reward yourselves after a day of hard labor ;)

Pumpkin Patch '09

Josh took the older kids to the Pumpkin Patch this year while I took T to the Dr. to check out his croup :( ! Anyway since I wasn't there I'm not sure how it went other than they all picked out their own pumpkins and a few baby ones for Teagan. I know they had fun and I'm always happy when Josh remembers the camera because you know me I love to photo document everything I can!!
Now to carve them up!

Too funny

Teagan has discovered Alex's DS and now I think we have a junkie on our hands! He doesn't know how to play it but since when does that matter to little boys? It's funny to watch Alex try and beg him to give it back to him and Teagan is just in a zone, fascinated by the buttons and sounds. But like all techie toys that are in our house, we practice moderation so Teagan only enjoyed it for a little while and it got put away to play with on another day.

Baby Thorne

Well to update, I am now 20 weeks along and we just found out that we are having a boy!
The boys will now outnumber us Thorne ladies but that's ok 'cause we are a fiesty bunch and we know how to tame those men when they need it. The kids were all really happy to have a new little man. Maddy wanted another sister but not bad enough to feel sad about getting a sweet brother. Sadie didn't care about a boy or girl she just wants to have her very own baby to love. Alex was super stoked to get another boy in the family and Teagan doesn't even realize what is going on :) but I know this little guy will have to be tough as nails to deal with T-man as a big brother. I can't wait to watch them grow up with each other.
Josh and I are always just grateful that the baby is healthy and well so far. I just hope I can maintain my sanity and get through the wild holidays ahead :))
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.