Monday, September 28, 2009

You have got to be kidding!!

Alright, I've had enough! This is my personal kitchen pharmacy right now. If you know me you know that I loathe taking meds of any type. I would almost prefer the ailment to the cure. But this cold from you -know-where has had me seeking out anything that can offer some relief at all. Everyone who has had it has told me that it takes about 3 weeks to run it's course. I hope not!!! I'm starting day 11 tomorrow and I am ready to rip my own head off! It's the sore throat that is the worst about it. If anyone has any remedies that have worked for you, then please, for the love of pete share!! :)
Here's hoping I'll be all better by the weekend :))))

Monday, September 21, 2009

My independent girl!

The great thing about Sadie is that she is the most chill, go-with-flow kind of girl. She does what she wants when she wants and as long as you're cool with that she's cool with you. I love her sassy but sweet little personality so much.
Anyway she decided to teach herself to ride her bike without training wheels last week. Josh tried with her a few weeks ago but she wasn't having it. And then she hopped on her little bike last week and just took off. It took her a few times of not falling but she was persistant about getting it. Now she puts in her brothers helmet and rides like a crazy maniac.

A cute side note about her bike, it is her brothers first bike so it's blue with a crocodile decal on it. I noticed that all her little friends on the street had all gotten brand new pink and purple "pretty" bikes for their b-days this year so I asked her if she would like to get a pretty new bike too. She just said "no, I already have a bike with a crocodile on it" and she merrily went on her way. It was the sweetest thing to hear! I hope she'll always remain this grateful for what she has in life. Plus it will save us some serious $. We love that girl!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labor Day II

Just some pics from our fun with our friends. Our kids are seriously more like cousins than friends. They have all known each other since birth. I love The Wardle Family, we always have so much fun together! Sad though, I didn't get any pics of their cute new little one Stevie! She is so adorable, I could eat her up!

Labor Day

For Labor Day this year Josh and I decided to take the kids on the Alpine in Park City and then to meet our friends The Wardles at Josh's dad's cabin for the night. The slide was so fun but riding the lift up was so nerve racking because Teagan was being such a wiggle worm. He brought two little action figures with him and of course dropped them both!! He couldn't figure out why he couldn't just hop off and get them. Maddy and Alex were beside themselves with concern for his safety and kept telling Josh and I to "hold on to him tighter!". Sadie almost didn't make it off the lift when we reached our stop because she was a little intimidated at the thought of jumping off a still moving lift. My heart stopped for a moment as she started to ascend with the lift but we got her off just in time! The slide was so fun and the kids LOVED going as fast as possible. There are so many cool new things up there to do! I want to try them all.
Anyway we finished off with some dipping dots and headed to Oakley to meet our friends at a the cute Road Island diner. We stayed up way too late talking and laughing etc. and then spent Saturday outdoors 4-wheeling and playing.