Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Soccer Stud!

He doesn't talk much smack on the field, we teach him to be polite out there. But we did over hear him saying this as he was running the ball down the field.. "Try and stop this!" Ha ha!! and they didn't stop him--GOOOOAAAAL!!

I have always assumed that each spring I would be hanging out at the baseball fields watching my boy play. He was such a little baller when he was a toddler and he proved to have great potential in little league when he was five. I didn't think that he would care to pursue soccer past 1st grade and we would move on to baseball. Unfortunately, watching The Sandlot (I love that movie) didn't warm him to baseball as I thought it would but rather, it became a movie that he can't even stand to watch. Why? because of the scene where "Smalls" receives a black eye after being hit in the face with a baseball that he was unable to catch. Alex happens to have a mortal fear of black eyes! He actually can't look at people with any type of facial injury, especially a black eye without getting physically ill. I don't know what he would do if he actually received one himself.

So Soccer was the sport that he chose to pursue. Even though at first watching the sport always seemed really dull to me I have to say that as he has advanced past Rec league and is playing a little more competitively, it has been so fun to watch him! He is fast, aggressive and so far scores most or all of his teams' goals. Plus, he looks pretty awesome all geared up.

I am proud to be the soccer mom of this rising soccer Champ!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010 in St. George

Happy Easter!!
Here is what our car looks like loaded up with five kids! I'm not gonna lie, it gets a little crazy in there!! Ha Ha :))
Dying Easter eggs. Such a fun and messy ritual!

Teagans egg cracked when he dropped it in the dye and he just kept saying "Oh no, look at my egg!" Since I couldn't fix it he got a little upset.....
...Okay, really upset....
...downright Postal!
Finally calming down. I'm sure that middle finger is aimed at me :)
Sweet baby boy! xoxoxox!!
Getting ready to go find some easter eggs...
One more group shot :) Time to hunt!
The little ones got a headstart....
now the big kids can hunt.
These two are trouble wrapped in darling packages! Ask Grandpa how much mischief they can stir up! ha ha!! Speaking of going postal.....:)))
Getting in some pool time in the not-so-hot-weather. At least it wasn't snowing like it was at home!

A day at the art festival.
Fun at the arts and crafts tables.
Teagan is relentless with Kai!! The poor baby gets no rest with that brother around!
MMMMMMM, deep fried Twinkie :)
Homemade icecream!
Beautiful Grandma Susan.
Jake was all worn out!
Enjoying some downtime at the festival while watching a bluegrass duo perform.

A couple of handsome Thorne boys!! (Baby Oliver and Alex)
Dads make the best jungle gyms!
Sadies new purchase. We always appreciate loud, piercing whistling instruments in our home...not
There is a new and fantastic splash park in the city center and I am so excited to take the kids there next time when it isn't as crowded and it's nice and hot!

Teagan had another famous meltdown after his shirt got sprayed. Heaven help me!!
Face painting..
...and it was super itchy, which explains the tears.
Decorating egg shaped cakes. Sadie opened the blue food dye and apparently thought it was hand lotion?!? Geeeesh!!

Who needs a napkin when you have a tongue?