Tuesday, November 9, 2010

8 months old

8 months old and this little guy is on the fast track to walking (yikes!) I'm not ready. I want him to be an infant forever!!
Right now he is pulling himself up to anything he can. Yesterday he started letting go of things and balancing on his own for up to three seconds at a time. He totally knows what he's doing because he'll concentrate really hard to stay balanced and not sink to the floor.
This pic was mid laughing :) I love it!!
Here he was being such a show-off for his adoring sibs by pulling himself up to the ottoman and dancing and shaking once he got up. He was laughing his head off at them laughing at him! Fun times around here at night :)
My beautiful boy. We love him so much!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's over, thank goodness!!

It was the usual: pumpkin carving, multiple parties, parades and let's not forget the trick-or-treating. The kids had so much fun and got way too much candy and goodies! They were freezing cold and a little damp when they got home but I think they accomplished their mission well. We love Halloween and now, let's move on....My darling, costumed bunch :))
Beautiful Cleopatra (at school anyway). The next day she went trick-or-treating as a Bingham Miners fan? I think it was less work and way warmer to be in jeans and a hoodie than a thin dress, go figure...
He thoroughly relished being The Joker! No one says "why so serious?"creepier or better than Alex! He collected the biggest bag of candy out of all of them and he came home worn out and soaked. He enjoyed a nice hot bath for an hour :)
Gorgeous Princess Tianna and her frog prince. She lasted about 15 houses and she was soooo ready to come home. She still finds Halloween to be a bit too freaky, especially the darker it got. She had more fun handing out candy at the door.
T-man was either Batman or Robin (or "Ramen" if you ask him). It was just dependent on his mood at the moment. I love his expression in this pic! He is cooking up some trouble in that mind of his! He only made it to three houses and he wanted to get home, he was way too cold! (he might be my brightest child)
Kai was utterly confused (and maybe a bit disgusted by our bizarre behavior?) I think he was ready for sanity to be restored at our house, if our house was ever sane to begin with!

Hope you all enjoyed a spooky, fun, festive Halloween. It's going to be Turkey time before we know it!!!