Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Piano recitals

It was recital time and these kids of mine did great considering neither one of them hardly touched a piano all summer! This was the only pic I got of Alex because I was fussing with my camera trying to get it to focus!
Good job Mads!

Receiving those hard earned trophies from their amazing teacher Marcy. We love her!

Kai enjoyed himself too! I had to throw this one in :)))
I love my talented kiddos!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day weekend '10

I have been wanting to take the kids downtown and be tourists for years now but Josh is never up for it so this year I talked him into letting us go on Labor Day. We always go at Christmas time but it is so cold, dark and crowded that the kids never even see the beautiful city in and around Temple square. Alex thought our city was so cool! The flowers were in full bloom and all the beautiful fountains were running. I love it down there!We started at the Joseph Smith building but we decided not to see the film because of the little boys. But just walking through was fun and we showed the kids which room we had our wedding breakfast in and how we felt when we walked in to see our families and friends after just being sealed to each other and what a beautiful day for us it was.
My beautiful girls in front of some beautiful flower beds.
We did a tour of the Beehive house which is just so cool! I couldn't believe that Josh had never been there. The kids loved it! The above pic is Sadie drooling over the cute pioneer toys in the "playroom".
My family listening to the sister missionary tour guide as she explains some fun facts about the house. Don't my kids look so quiet and attentive? :) I was shocked!
I love these five treasures!
It was such a perfect day!
Josh and I have a pic of us sitting in that tree behind us on our wedding day 12 years ago. The tornado of 2000 ripped it out of the ground but they were able to replant it.
We then went to the visitors center on Temple square and let the kids see and watch all the great exhibits about our ancient prophets.
Then we went to the church Geneology museum and the little ones had fun playing in the children's area.
Maddy was captivated while reading about other people all over the world who came to Christ and how their conversion happened.
We finished up at the Lionhouse Pantry with some delish rolls with honey butter and some pie, old fashioned bottled soda and a few bags of old fashioned lemon drops. Yum!!
Holding up their treats! Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day as much as we did :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

6 months old!

Wow, time is really flying by quickly! This darling chunky monkey of ours turned the big 6 months yesterday. This little ham weighs 18 pounds! making him, officially, our chubbiest baby!
Things he is good at (or "tricks" as Gpa Ron would say) are..

-Rolling from belly to back with lightning speed (not so much the other way though)
-sitting up with 95% success, we still keep those pillows around him .
-Eating solids once a day-- Baby rice and recently baby rice with dehydrated fruit in it (Now the diapers are getting a bit more "interesting")
-Reaching for things and managing to hang on to them once he gets it. Still clocks himself in the face with toys though (Depth perception still not 100% accurate yet :)
-Smiles a ton! He loves faces and he doesn't care if you are looking or talking to him he will still think you are giving him all the attention and he'll cheese it up for ya :))
-Laughs at his dads morning face. Even though Josh is still asleep Kai will laugh at him. SOOO cute!

The only thing that makes me sad about him at this age is that I don't get those looooong, multiple power naps every day from him anymore, bummer!! He's too busy to sleep his little life away so, hello catnaps, you wicked teases! Now I'm really getting nothing done!
Love you Kai!!!!! (kissy, kissy, kiss, kiss!!!) You can't resist him can you???