Monday, November 24, 2008


Alright, so I was a big fan before but now I am a passionate fan! They were here on Saturday, and thanks to our great friend Dustin who works for Energy Solutions, we had great seats close to the stage. We went with our good friends The Wardles and had dinner at Tuchanos at Gateway first and caught most of the Utah game at Skybox (Yeah Utes!!)

It was a fun day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh

Josh is a wonderful husband, and most importantly, a wonderful father! this man has been peed on by all four kids at least once in their infancy, he has caught his babies poop in his bare hands mid diaper change, he has caught at least two of his childrens puke in his bare hands when they got sick unexpectedly , he has had his head barfed on while carrying his three year old into Disneyland and he can strip a carseat that has been puked, pooped, peed on with lightening speed! Oh, and he just finished scrubbing Sadies poop out of her bedroom carpet! He does it all as if he was born to do it:) Now that it sounds like we have some seriously disgusting kids; I am going to let them share some of their favorite, not gross things, that they love about their dad on his birthday

Teagan loves--That dad gets him up and feeds him breakfast every morning

Sadie loves--That dad hasn't rung her little neck yet (She is a professional three year old after all) and that dad always reads to her. He also makes a great jungle gym!

Alex loves--That he plays with him in the gym, and Lego Star wars, and that he is a nice dad

Maddy loves--That dad plays guitar and piano (her inspiration for doing both), and that he is fun!

Erika loves--His banana pancakes, that he always finishes the laundry when I just can't get the mountain of it to go down, that he puts up with me!, that he loves to have fun as much as I do, That he honors his parents, that he honors his priesthood, that he values his testimony, that he is patient, that he's not bad to look at;), that he treats being a husband and father as a both full-time job and an honor. I could go on and on........

We'd be lost without you babe!  I love you, Happy birthday

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lame flag football!

So Josh was playing flag football this morning and while jumping up for the ball landed right on his shoulder and separated the ligament. Now his shoulder is all deformed and he will probably need sports therapy on it. I realize that it could always be worse and I am so grateful that this is the only crisis we have had to deal with this week but  lets face it; when Josh is my right hand man around here it is real inconvenience for the whole family when one of the parents get injured.  So being the mean wife that I am, but also a loving wife 'cause I do hate seeing him injured, I have forbidden Josh from playing flag football again. He already decided that he is ready to retire anyway, so at least we are in agreement.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween fun!

Last weekend we went to my brother Todd's house in Layton for their annual Halloween party. It is always so much fun. We carved pumpkins and ate Krista's delicious soup out of fun "pumpkin" bread bowls. They also have an adorable dog that Teagan would not leave alone! I had ordered costumes for Maddy and Alex and they hadn't arrived by the time of the party so we were able to improvise with other clothes and costumes we had around the house. two days before halloween their costumes made it to us and they were able to wear them on trick -or-treat day( they were just from Target and for some reason way cheaper than buying them from the store). Anyway, Maddy was a Spider geisha, Sadie was a ladybug fairy, Teagan was a bumble bee and Alex would not go with my bug theme and insisted on being something scary (I miss my little super hero of past years) He wanted guts and gore but I settled on the Grim Reaper. He really did look kinda scary with his mask on. Sadie really got into the spirit of trick-or-treating and she just couldn't get to the next door fast enough! When she woke up the next day I said "Sadie, Halloween is over now we get to look forward to Thanksgiving when we get to eat a big turkey and tons of pie!" and she just screamed "Yay, I looove Thanksgiving!" I love spending this fun time with my kids. Bring on the Turkey!!!