Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So since Josh and I go on a date every weekend we decided that we would always spend V-day with the other loves of our lives, our kiddos, because unless you are in a serious relationship or married this holiday is actually quite lame! So several years back we began the tradition of having a candlelit dinner on our lovely wedding china (the one time a year that we use it) and we would have crepes stuffed with all types of yummy things as well as hot chocolate in the tea cups and sugar dipped glasses with sparkling juice. The kids have sooo much fun! Sadie was especially enchanted this year and couldn't stop talking about it all night :)We turn off all the lights and Josh plays a fun mix of tunes and I quietly cringe as my little ones try not to spill (or break!!) their hot chocolate.
My lovely ladies :)
and handsome gents!

A cute story I shared with my kids was the tradition that my dad had of always door bell ditching our house while leaving a box of Cherry Cordials for each of us every Valentines. I still love those chocolates to this day! I just have fun imagining my young dad sprinting to the back of the house after ringing the bell after a hard day at the power plant and walking in the house totally baffled at who could have left his children such a nice gift. He never really fessed up to it either; just a cute wink and a smile :) I love my dad for that! It wasn't much but at the same time it was soooo much! My dad's the best.

Hope you all had someone special to share this silly day with :)

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