Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Courtside fun!

First of all this is a pic of Maddy from last Fall but her first game of the new year is this Saturday and she is beyond stoked about it! That serve is coming along beautifully :)
Sadie participated in a mini-cheer clinic this past week that our cute babysitter Ashley, who cheers at Bingham High, signed her up for and she got to cheer and perform a dance during halftime at the girls basketball game. She was adorable, of course :) I would include the video of the cheer but I just can't get a file that large to upload onto blogger for some reason, ugh!
And then Josh and Alex got to have a little fun on the floor of our very own Utah Jazz. A member of our ward is an owner of Groove satellite which sponsors the pre and post-game shows from Energy Solutions Arena and they were able to arrange a little tour of the court as well as a meet and greet with some local greats.

A for Alex :)
Alex and his best buds and neighbors, Jack and J-Mo at the desk of Jazz great Thurl Bailey and reporter Alema Harrington. Such a cool experience for Alex!

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pooka said...

Maddy looks totally professional in her volleyball uniform. Can't wait to her about all she does! We have a cute family in our ward where one daughter plays b-ball and the other one cheers her on. They are both so cute and different and your girls just reminded me of them. Loved your valentine tradition too!