Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One year ago....

..this precious little bundle entered my life and melted all our hearts! Has it really been a year?!?Things he "does" now..
-Walking or running everywhere
-Still no teeth but that's nothing new to us. Teagan was the only one to cut a tooth before his first birthday.
-He's a 20 pounder
-Won't smile for you until you earn it. But a pleasant little guy otherwise :)
-Loves his big brothers and sisters more than anything! They are his VIP's for sure

And now he's still a little sweetheart but with a budding fiesty side :) This is his "what the...?!" face. Oh how I love you! Happy Birthday to you, my little Kai-Kai ;)))


Lynne said...

Happy Birthday, cute little guy. I'm still trying to realize that you have five kids--what a beautiful family. I love all the pictures and keeping up with your family. Love you all!

Alfie's mum said...

Erika, he is to die for!! what an absolute doll. I just started blogging again and this is the first I've seen of him. Well done, He's a keeper